Saturday, July 02, 2005

2 days after came back Malaysia

Guess what i experience in Malaysia?
Home, sweet home. Arrive in Singapore Changi Airport at 11:00pm++(plane delay for 1/2 hours on departure, therefore it reaches 1/2 hours later).
Slept at 3am, and amazingly, i woke up early(8am) in next morning. Funny things is i took bath thrice a day and change clothes often (instead of bath once[or none] each day in Melbourne). This is first change.
Another nice change will be the nice taste of Malaysia food!!! Breakfast -- dim sum, lunch -- bak kut teh, dinner -- Mom's home cooking. Yum yum, it's very very delicious! This is second change.
Anyway, now i'm in good condition and looking forward for new challenge. Thanks my friend and all the best to everyone out there!

Sincerely from Woei Hau