Thursday, December 14, 2006

Multiple IM on the go

Ever wonder how many IM i need to use in the company? 1? 2? No no no, it's four at the moment!
Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, Google talk, Skype... each messenger applies to different person.
I don't like to use combined IM (such as trillian, MyIM etc) as that will lose the nice little features from each IM.

By using MSN, i can send out funny emoticons and contact with most of the work colleague and Australia friends. Yahoo is good for my friend from university and India. Skype is best for voice chat. Google talk is new IM i used just for the sake of client company using proxy (This leads to the unstable condition for both MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger).

....Althought this is quite troublesome, it still open myself to a lot of friend since you can look for me from any IM, tracked me even if i'm invisible from one IM (WTF?). Take care everyone, haha.

Monday, December 11, 2006