Thursday, January 06, 2005

A thought on firewall

"Firewall", as mentioned by the name, it's a wall that prevents us from get burnt. Isn't it funny?
I try to explain this in simple terms so that most people can understand(not too technical).
Anti-virus software is popular before firewall comes in. In my understanding, anti-virus is passively fight against virus, trojan horse etc. It's only when the viruses were found then the cure is implemented. This is similar to most medical situation since we do not know when will the latest diseases spread out.
Firewall works another way, it prevents the malicious entry actively. However, we decide whether our computer can be infected easily since the decision of approving or rejecting lies in our hand. Before Microsoft releases service pack 2, there are a variety of firewall.
I tried zonealarm free edition and sygate personal firewall. Both of these are quite good since the primary function are prevent malicious access(and also unauthorize sending out information from your computer). Windows XP service pack 2 includes firewall, therefore you may get the free firewall update by installing windows xp service pack 2.
In conclusion, you need both anti-virus software and firewall to really ensure your computer is in safer(not totally safe) situation. You will never know what happen next. You can download free anti virus software from or go to my website for some paid firewall's introduction .

All the best!
Low Woei Hau

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New year wishes...

I don't have big wishes. However, a little wishes from both of us keep us continue to strive for our future.
  • Get permanent job
  • Stay with partner together (not far far away)
  • Accompany partner in near distance
  • etc...
Strive together and publish here to keep reminding us. Happy 2005! Waste no time, go for it, do it now!

Happy New Year 2005

The new year has come, 2005.
Beginning of the year, tsunami has striked asia. Malaysia is one of the least suffered area. However, as a country that being protected by most natural disaster, this happened to be serious case. Anyway, the relationship between me and my girlfriend has comes to 3.5 years. It's a wonderful experience in relation. Many valuable experience was gained during these years. Cheers to the year before 2005!
The year of 2005, a year of exciting possibilities. To all folks, Happy 2005!
"All living things exist in an ever-flowing stream of change. That is why we must not look back but always face forward, to the future, constantly refreshing our lives with new vitality. Let us make each day and each year one of growth and fresh, exciting possibility. Happy 2005!"