Sunday, May 29, 2005

do more with google (conversion)

Do you know that you can do more with the google Search box?

I find that many people use google merely to search information. In fact, you can do more with google. I wish to share some google features with you all.

One method i find it nice is using calculator. You might say most computer is equpped with default calculator software. Then, how about conversion? How do you convert 100 pounds in kilogram? I find it quite nice to do conversion using google (rather than search some website to obtain the conversion rate between pound and kg). What you need to do in google is merely go to, and type in 100 pound in kg . That's it!

Try it and you'll see the power! For your information, i use this sometiems to convert some food consumption rate from kiloJoules(kJ) in calories and miles to kilometers(km).

All the best to all of you!

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