Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Do more with Google Search (recap)

Just wonder if anyone notice how to use google efficiently to assist in your task. I use google for search, word translation, basic conversion, definition etc.

My post in 2005 mentioned about these:-
Do more with google (definition)

Do more with google (conversion)

Besides that, we can also do money exchange conversion. This is a general view, if you want more precise conversion, please check with your designated bank.

In google search, type "1000 SGD in MYR", what do you get?
"1 000 Singapore dollars = 2 359.36 Malaysian ringgits"
Isn't this cool?

Personally, i think google serves most of my purpose and it is very fast. I don't like to use too fancy staffs as that will cause the whole web goes slower.

Take care.

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